Slide Get for iOS Get for Android Sell stuff. Get coins. Want to get crypt currency without trading? Sell your stuff with Blitzcoin and get paid in bitcoins.


How do you earn bitcoins?

Snap a photo of your product, describe it and add it to Blitzcoin. After finding a buyer, let the buyer transfer the amount to your bitcoin wallet.

Describe it!

Take a picture, add a title and a description, finally set a category and a price.

Publish it!

After you have successfully added it for offer, wait for someone to contact you.

Sell it!

Once you and the buyer agree upon a price, provide them your bitcoin wallet address and get paid.

Find it!

Discover selling products by browsing nearby sales, categories or specific users.

Show interest!

Contact the buyer to show that you want to buy the product and get in touch with them.

Buy it!

Let the seller send you their bitcoin wallet address and pay them.


Get in Touch!